If your car is not performing at its very best or you have noticed something unusual, it is time to get it looked at. Becker Car Care will give you a timely and fair estimate on the repair needed to get you in a working vehicle as soon as possible.

At Becker Car Care, we specialize in servicing most of the major vehicle components found in your car or truck. We can perform every task from simple auto maintenance and service to major engine and transmission overhaul. Our services include the following.

General Service and Maintenance
Testing and Inspections
Climate Control Systems
Electrical Systems
Electronic Systems
Steering and Suspension
Brakes and Wheels

We are happy to partner with Halstead Tire to provide you with tire and alignment services. Please contact them at 316-772-333 or visit them on the web at www.halsteadtire.net.


Our Process

Approximate Diagnosis Time: 60 Minutes

Using the latest technology, we will conduct a diagnostic test and/or manual inspection to determine the best solution to ensure your vehicle receives the appropriate repair or service. Once we know what your car needs, we will provide you with a service or repair plan and a fair estimate. You can be assured that we use only the highest quality parts and service tools to complete our repairs. We want you to place your confidence in us to perform your next service.

Commitment to our Customer

If you desire to learn more about your automobile, its components, your maintenance, and repair or our process, we encourage you to get involved and ask as many questions as you need to understand and feel confident in the maintenance or repair we are performing.

You Can Help

You can help us by noting and communicating the difference or change in sounds and smells of your vehicle and changes in how the vehicle drives. Please try to be as specific as possible. We will use this information to more accurately diagnose the problem with your car or truck.